Home Shopping on the Cape This Summer

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If you’re actively looking for a home on the Cape but haven’t found it yet, then you might be planning to continue shopping this Summer. Lots of new listings are coming online daily, and one of them just might be your dream house. But shopping for a home during the summer months on the Cape is different than all the other months. Be sure to read the tips below to help avoid unnecessary frustration.

Number One – Plan Ahead. During the off-season, it’s usually possible to get into homes with very little notice. Many of our Cape homes are actually vacant during the off-season. Many of them are on lockbox. And Realtors tend to be more available in the off-season. None of these are necessarily true in the summer. Homes that were vacant are suddenly filled with vacationers. Lockboxes have been removed because the homes are now occupied. And Realtors, like all other Cape residents, have guests and plans and are not necessarily available at the drop of a hat to show properties. Contact your Realtor at LEAST a few days in advance to see if it will be possible to see the homes that interest you.

Number Two – Shop on Saturday. If you are planning to come for a day to look at a variety of homes, the best day to do that on the Cape in the summer is Saturday. The reason for this is that many homes that are for sale are also being rented. These homes can typically be shown during a very small window on Saturdays in between rentals. We call this the “turnover time”. Plan to look at these homes between 1 and 3pm. That’s your best chance of getting in after the cleaning crew has left and the new tenants have yet to check in.

Number Three – Open House Etiquette. It’s common for Buyers to attend an Open House unaccompanied by their Realtor. That is of course, no problem. However, you should be sure to write your Realtor’s name on the sign-in sheet and make it clear to the host of the Open House that you already have a Realtor. Else, if you decide to make an offer on that particular house, your Realtor may run into trouble trying to act as your representative. Just write your Realtor’s name on the sheet and you should be covered. And be sure to let your Realtor know if you wish to make an offer.

Number Four – Pack Your Pre-Approval Letter. If you’re coming to the Cape on vacation and plan to seriously shop for a home while you’re here, be sure to bring your pre-approval letter. The best homes go FAST – sometimes within just days of being on the market. If you see something you love and want to make an offer, your offer will be incomplete without your pre-approval letter and the Seller will likely choose someone else’s offer that HAS a pre-approval letter. If you’re paying cash, be sure to bring “proof of funds”. A simple bank statement showing that you have the funds to buy the home will suffice. Black out your account number with a Sharpie and make a copy.

Number Five – Prepare Your Phone! With new listings coming online daily, you don’t want to miss a great new listing that came on the market just before you left the Cape. Be sure you are receiving Daily Alerts and while you are on the Cape, be sure you are receiving new listings the MOMENT they hit the market. Your Realtor can help you get your phone set up with the best App for your needs. A smart phone comes in REALLY handy when shopping for homes while you’re vacationing on the Cape.

Following these steps will go a long way toward helping you find the perfect Cape house while shopping this summer. Good luck and I hope to have the privilege of assisting you!

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