How Much Should I Offer?

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More than any other, this question has plagued home buyers for generations. And there’s good reason for that. No buyer wants to overpay even a small amount for the home of their dreams, but they don’t want to lose it to another buyer either. So what’s a buyer to do?

Sir Francis Bacon once wrote “Knowledge is Power”, and therein lies the answer. Arm yourself with knowledge. Specifically, you’ll want at least the following information:

  • List of every comparable home that has sold in the same or comparable areas over the past year.
  • Complete sales history of the home, including details of the current sale such as number of days on market and every price reduction.
  • Copy of the current deed to be sure you’re aware of any easements or other special conditions affecting the property.
  • All information available from town hall, including plot plans, assessor’s data, etc.
  • Neighborhood information that could affect home values in the future.

The listing agent cannot help you with most of this information because (s)he represents the seller, not the buyer. A resourceful, full-time Realtor acting as your buyer’s agent (at no cost to you) can get you this information and more, which ultimately helps you get the home you want at the best possible price.

As a Certified Buyer’s Representative, I would welcome the opportunity to help you buy your Cape Cod dream home by empowering you with this type of knowledge and more. Please contact me anytime at (508) 259-8379 or by email at


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